"Wow, Brenan was such a talented Storyboard Artist to work with! I knew his work was fantastic from his portfolio, but what impressed me the most was his cinematic vision and knowledge for storytelling. As director and cinematographer, working with him directly and listening to his suggestions drastically improved my project!"

— Nick P.,


"Brenan's quality of work is matched only by his efficiency. He was able to produce our storyboards under a very tight deadline and really visualized our ideas with minimal instruction. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with him."

— Nicholas M.,

"I can't say enough good things about Brenan. From his patience to his talent, he is the full package. When you begin working with Brenan, he immediately puts your mind at ease and guides you through the appropriate steps to getting your ideas from your mind down to paper. He is an excellent listener and an exceptional conceptualizer. He is easy to work with giving you a heads up about his own schedule as well as an expected timeline for deliverables. His creativity, dedication, ability to understand, and willingness to go the extra mile make Brenan a joy and pleasure to collaborate with. He is agile enough to look at and incorporate suggestions and independent enough to do his own research and create things unprompted. You will not be disappointed hiring him for any project."

— Mandy F.,

Digital Marketing Manager

“Brenan has an incredible visual aesthetic, and a strong grasp on story and it’s dramatic structure. His biggest contribution to Turned Out was that he helped me trouble shoot some of the most complex, and sometimes unimaginable shots because we hadn’t discovered or finalized locations until the last minute.


Brenan listened deeply, and closely and translated the events within beats with astute clarity, visibility and artistically. He offered options in sequencing of scenes, and story solutions given the inherent limitations of independent filmmaking. The composition of Turned Out has often been admired and I will give a lot of the credit to Brenan. His work was a healthy mix of taking direction closely and working on his own straight from the script during the stress of prep and production. He was always open to receiving notes, acting quickly and responsibly with editing, and then surprising me with incredible visuals.


Brenan is a talented and collaborative story artist, who understands camera placement, and has a strong sense for tone, style and the entertaining aspects of storytelling. I look forward to working with him again.”

— Ritu P.,


“Brenan's storyboards are not only helpful, they're beautiful. He is more than a craftsman, he's an artist, and his storyboards were enormously helpful in getting the shots we needed.”

— Own S.,
Director of Photography


“Brenan's storyboards were a physical visualization of what was in the script and what I had worked on with my DP. Having them helped me maintain my vision without having to continuously look at the script. They were an easy reference for me to study if I was reconsidering my original framing or blocking. He had the storyboards created in a short amount of time for me and they were drawn very nicely.”

— Declan Q.,

“Brenan's storyboards brought our project to life. He was precise in his attention to detail, and quick with turning in his work. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

— Zack A.,
Director of Photography

"I hired Brenan as my storyboard artist and working with him on my short "Professional Cuddler" was a pleasure. He is creative, professional and fast. He got the sense of the story quickly and the result was amazing."

— Mika O.,